Laid Back Picnic - English -

I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

【NOTICE】Blog close /【お知らせ】英語ページの閉鎖について

Thank you for watching the "Laid Back Picnic - English -". English 日本語 English Our organization has set up an English page to provide easy-to-understand information to all of us, but it will be closed by the end of 2021 due to declining…

Hamburger too big! / Teddy's Bigger Burgers @HARAJUKU

A shop where you can enjoy Hawaiian hamburgers near Yoyogi-park in Harajuku!

5 Reasons Yoyogi Park is Suitable for Picnics! / Yoyogi Park @HARAJUKU

Let's have a picnic in Yoyogi Park!

Open July! Chocolate market and cafe『imperfect Omotesando』 @OMOTESANDO

Wellfood Market & Cafe "imperfect Omotesando" opened on the first floor of Omotesando Hills.

Old-fashioned melon-pan『Angel』 @CHIBA

Chiba Prefecture (Kashiwa) has refreshing sweetness and fluffy old-fashioned melon-pan.

"Setouchi lemon anpan"' at an anpan specialty shops / Andesu Matoba @ASAKUSA

Do you know anpan? There is an anpan specialty shop in Tokyo.

A stylish Asakusa cafe / Feb's coffee & scone @ASAKUSA

Why don't you take a break with iced latte that is compatible with crunchy scones.

Dart bar with Mexican tacos / Love Tacos Asakusa Branch @ASAKUSA

This is a Mexican style tacos!

Jumbo Melon-pan "Asakusa Kagetsudo" @ASAKUSA

The shop of the huge melon-pan which can be eaten in Asakusa is "Asakusa Kagetsudo".

Norwegian cafe "FUGLEN CAFE" in Asakusa @ASAKUSA

Cafe "FUGLEN" from Norway in Asakusa