Laid Back Picnic - English -

I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

Enjoy cafe hops and picnics in Asakusa / Asakusa picnic @ASAKUSA

Let's have a picnic in Asakusa!

Kawaii! Pearl Drink Shop / Hakusan crepe @HAKUSAN

I found a cute shop near Hakusan Station! There was a pearl drink in a cute shop near Hakusan Station!

Melon-pan of 50 yen per piece / DAISO melon-pan @All over Japan

DAISO's melon-pan is 1 bag contains 2 pieces!

A cafe to enjoy a Japanese house / Cafe Hidamari @SENGOKU

There is a cafe where you can enjoy lunch while enjoying the garden and seasonal flowers and wind!

Melon-pan picnic in Hiroo @Arisugawa Park

A melon-pan picnic in Hiroo!

Australian restaurant cafe in Hiroo / BONDI CAFE @HIROO

When I ate anchovies and potatoes together, I did not know that it was very delicious.

Small bakery Melon-pan / Panetteria Kawamura @NISHIAZABU

Melon-pan was found in a small bakery that can be walked from Roppongi Station.

【Hydrangea 2019】Hydrangea of ​​Ueno Park @UENO

I know the picnic area where you can see the sky tree with the hydrangea, the pond and the temple.

【Hydrangea Festival 2019】Hydrangea and shrine / Hakusan Shrine @Around UENO

It has become a season of hydrangea in Tokyo.

Melon-pan that looks like a crack / ecru @HIROO

Wow! It is a melon-pan that looks as if it were cracked. I share the melon-pan of "ecru" in hiroo that I ate at the beginning of the "Journey for Melon-pan". ※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.Read th…