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Hamburger too big! / Teddy's Bigger Burgers @HARAJUKU

A shop where you can enjoy Hawaiian hamburgers near Yoyogi-park in Harajuku!

5 Reasons Yoyogi Park is Suitable for Picnics! / Yoyogi Park @HARAJUKU

Let's have a picnic in Yoyogi Park!

Open July! Chocolate market and cafe『imperfect Omotesando』 @OMOTESANDO

Wellfood Market & Cafe "imperfect Omotesando" opened on the first floor of Omotesando Hills.

Old-fashioned melon-pan『Angel』 @CHIBA

Chiba Prefecture (Kashiwa) has refreshing sweetness and fluffy old-fashioned melon-pan.

"Setouchi lemon anpan"' at an anpan specialty shops / Andesu Matoba @ASAKUSA

Do you know anpan? There is an anpan specialty shop in Tokyo.

A stylish Asakusa cafe / Feb's coffee & scone @ASAKUSA

Why don't you take a break with iced latte that is compatible with crunchy scones.

Dart bar with Mexican tacos / Love Tacos Asakusa Branch @ASAKUSA

This is a Mexican style tacos!

Jumbo Melon-pan "Asakusa Kagetsudo" @ASAKUSA

The shop of the huge melon-pan which can be eaten in Asakusa is "Asakusa Kagetsudo".

Norwegian cafe "FUGLEN CAFE" in Asakusa @ASAKUSA

Cafe "FUGLEN" from Norway in Asakusa

Enjoy cafe hops and picnics in Asakusa / Asakusa picnic @ASAKUSA

Let's have a picnic in Asakusa!

Kawaii! Pearl Drink Shop / Hakusan crepe @HAKUSAN

I found a cute shop near Hakusan Station! There was a pearl drink in a cute shop near Hakusan Station!

Melon-pan of 50 yen per piece / DAISO melon-pan @All over Japan

DAISO's melon-pan is 1 bag contains 2 pieces!

A cafe to enjoy a Japanese house / Cafe Hidamari @SENGOKU

There is a cafe where you can enjoy lunch while enjoying the garden and seasonal flowers and wind!

Melon-pan picnic in Hiroo @Arisugawa Park

A melon-pan picnic in Hiroo!

Australian restaurant cafe in Hiroo / BONDI CAFE @HIROO

When I ate anchovies and potatoes together, I did not know that it was very delicious.

Small bakery Melon-pan / Panetteria Kawamura @NISHIAZABU

Melon-pan was found in a small bakery that can be walked from Roppongi Station.

【Hydrangea 2019】Hydrangea of ​​Ueno Park @UENO

I know the picnic area where you can see the sky tree with the hydrangea, the pond and the temple.

【Hydrangea Festival 2019】Hydrangea and shrine / Hakusan Shrine @Around UENO

It has become a season of hydrangea in Tokyo.

Melon-pan that looks like a crack / ecru @HIROO

Wow! It is a melon-pan that looks as if it were cracked. I share the melon-pan of "ecru" in hiroo that I ate at the beginning of the "Journey for Melon-pan". ※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.Read th…

Delicious donut cafe / Coffee bar CANVAS TOKYO @HIROO

I found a fashionable cafe. It looks like a famous cafe. Share my sweets I ate on a hot day.

Kawaii cakes are perfect for gifts / Dolce MariRisa @OMOTESANDO

There are cute cakes and custom made cakes, and there is a cafe open late at night in Omotesando.

"NORAYA" Raisin bread / NORAYA @NAGANO

I introduced the "NORAYA" bread I got at Event called "Artisan Bakery", which I enjoyed the other day.

Vegetable bread in Yamanashi / Yasai-pan Do Dou @YAMANASHI

The bakery of colorful and fluffy vegetable bread.

Plenty of sweetness on cinnamon rolls / ULUCUS @KYOTO

"The Cute Petal Cinnamon Roll" shop is located on the northern side of Kyoto and features a cafe.

Great pudding!『Baked pudding』 / TiMi @HANZOMON

It looks like the pudding was just a cake! (hanzomon, tokyo)

Ancient wheat bread !? / Boulangerie L'oiseau bleu @KYOTO

Spelt wheat is a famous wheat. And black beans known as high quality in Japan "Tanba black beans".

A specialty shop for desserts / INITIAL Omotesando @HARAJUKU

I want to eat parfait! and I want to go to Hokkaido! I heard rumor that there is a delicious parfait to enjoy in Hokkaido. That dream will come true in Tokyo. ※This article is an English translation of an article posted in May 2019.Read th…

【2019 SPRING】Event where bread from all over Japan gathers / Artisan Bakeries @OMOTESANDO

It is an event where delicious bread gathers from all over Japan.

Good cost performance best bubble tea was in the donut shop! / Mister Donut @All over Japan

Tapioca Drink was released at a famous donut shop in Japan.

Cannot enjoy special drinks in Tokyo? / TULLY'S COFFEE

I also found a cute drink!