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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

Halloween Picnic in Japanese park

Japanese Halloween Enjoying at Picnic

Share information for picnics around Tokyo.
I have created a blog in English that I had written in Japanese until now.
I hope my blog will be useful for your trip to Japan.
※I use an instant translation device when I'm not certain about my English. 



Enjoy Halloween Picnic in Japanese park

In Japan, we enjoy eating seasonally.
Recently, convenience stores also have seasonal foods.
I will share some.
※ An English translation of an article published in October 2018 in a Japanese blog.


Mister Donut

Website (Japanese text)

The most famous donuts shop in Japan.
There are many cute mummy!

Three cute donuts

Mummy de Halloween

(from left to right)

  • Chocolate Marron Mummy's Marron
  • Apple & Whip Mummy Applen
  • Pon de Mummy's Whitenee 


Lawson (convenience store)

WebsiteLawson (English, Other languages)

Lawson's desserts are popular for their deliciousness.
Whipped cream is pink and yellow.

Unicorn color roll cake

Premium colorful unicorn roll cake


7-Eleven (convenience store)

Website7-Eleven - Welcome to Japan! (English, Other languages)

It is a convenience store that you can find anywhere in Japan.
I have never seen such a cute Frankenstein!

A cake with a cute design on Frankenstein's face

Halloween Franken Minty Chocolate Cake
Product information

305 yen (including tax 329 yen)

Sales area:all over Japan

Sales period:October 26, 2018 - October 31


As you can see, Japan has a lot of sweets that is enjoyable in any season.
Please look for it when you come to Japan.


See you at the next picnic!