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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

Enjoy cafe hops and picnics in Asakusa / Asakusa picnic @ASAKUSA


In Asakusa, you can see the Sky Tree and the Sumida River.
A great picnic place!

I made a picnic & walk course around Sensoji Temple.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
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Asakusa picnic

Asakusa is a city also famous for foreigners.

I thought about the course about Asakusa from the main hall of the famous "Senso-ji Temple".



The Asakusa course has been added to the same map as introduced in " 【Tokyo Hanami Course】 picnic around Tokyo Station".

  • Blue numbers are "Asakusa Picnic" course
  • Red purple numbers are "Picnic around Tokyo Station" course

Please zoom in on the blue numbers.


1.Asakusa Kagetsudo main shop (Melon-pan)

It is a famous shop with big melon-pan.『 Asakusa Kagetsudo

There is a fake melon-pan for taking pictures outside the shop, so enjoy it.

Big melon-pan

Asakusa kagetsudo honten


2.FUGLEN ASAKUSA (Norwegian coffee)

Norwegian coffee is light roasted and has a fruity aroma.

" FUGLEN ASAKUSA - Cafe, Breakfast, Beer & Cocktails." This is a Norwegian cafe that opened in Shibuya in 2012 and Asakusa in 2018.

Outside of the cafe



3.Love Tacos Asakusa Branch (Tacos)

It was different from the tacos I ate in Japan until now.
Is it Mexican style that the meat is big?

The meat of mexican tacos is big!

Love Tacos Asakusa Branch


4.Picnic spot

Sumida River side is recommended.

You can see the train running on the viaduct and the Sky Tree.

There is a train nearby

Enjoy picnic on the bench


The water bus stop is near from this bench.

It is a water bus stop when it descends to the riverside

The water bus stop is also close


There are also 2 cafes.

2 cafes along the sumida river

The cafe is right there


5.Feb's coffee & scone (Cafe)

Take a break at a nearby cafe on hot days.

Why not enjoy scones and iced lattes in a small cafe?

 feb's coffee (@febscoffee)

Scones combo

Feb's coffee & scone


6.Andesu Matoba(An-pan bakery)

If you like "Anko", I recommend this bakery.

There are many types of anpan made by "Anko shop", established in 1924.



The cafe behind the first amusement park "Asakusa Hanayashiki" in Japan. 

It is a very calm cafe.

And from here you can see the attractions of the amusement park.


Pudding and espresso



How was the Asakusa Picnic?

Buy souvenirs after enjoying Asakusa!

In Asakusa, there is a famous candy called "Kaminari okoshi".

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See you at the next picnic!