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Ancient wheat bread !? / Boulangerie L'oiseau bleu @KYOTO


I enjoy the bread I met at the "May 2019 Aoyama Bakery Festival" last week.

The first bakery to introduce is "Boulangerie L'oiseau bleu".

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in May 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む



About bakery "Boulangerie L'oiseau bleu"

『SPELT black rice black beans bread』

Spelt wheat is a famous wheat.

And black beans known as high quality in Japan "Tamba black beans".

It is bread made of those ingredients.

Purchased item

Black rice black beans bread / half size  700 yen (tax included)


It is the bread purchased at the bread event visited in May.

The bread I got at "Artisan Bakery"
  1. Black rice black beans bread / Boulangerie L'oiseau bleu @KYOTO
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  3. Cute cinnamon roll / ULUCUS @KYOTO
  4. Vegetable bread / Yasai-pan Do Dou @YAMANASHI
  5. Raisin bread / NORAYA @NAGANO
  6. Melon-pan / Angel @CHIBA


SPELT black rice black beans bread was purple

The bread I bought is half size.

Small bread with a size of about 8.5 cm high.

Bread cross section is purple

Black rice black beans bread / half size

It's a delicious, soft and sweet bread than I thought.

Let's also look at the bread cross section.

Black soybean

Taken from the front

I can see the purple of the bread and the black beans.

Five-grade evaluation


Bread go well with coffee:★★★☆☆

My preference:★★★★☆

The bread is sweet, so I think it goes well with tea as well as coffee.


Shop information

Boulangerie L'oiseau bleu

(As of May 2019:From brochures and blogs)

 Daio Building 1F, 53 Omiya Minami Tajiri-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto

 Sat, Sun 10:00 to 17:00 ※ Closed as soon as it is sold out

(Weekdays reservation sales only)



Kamigamo Misonobashi:3 minutes on foot

Kyoto City Bus from Kitaoji Station(Subway):37 trains

Kyoto City bus from JR Kyoto Station:9 trains

Misonoguchimachi:1 minute on foot

Kyoto City Bus from Kitaoji Station(Subway):3 North lines(JP:Kita-san lines)


お題「朝ごはん」 Breakfast:SPELT black rice black beans bread

See you at the next picnic!