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Strawberry picking with white strawberries / Gaiya Farm @CHIBA


Have you ever eaten Japanese strawberry?

The aroma and sweetness of the strawberry are very wonderful.

Share the strawberry picking that you could enjoy without a reservation.

This week's theme is "One Day Trip to Chiba".

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in April 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む



About strawberry picking in Japan

Fruit picking has long been popular in Japan.

There are many strawberry-loving Japanese people!

Recently, many tourists visiting Japan also enjoy picking strawberries.

So I will share the "Gaiya Farm" I visited.


Strawberry picking to enjoy while standing "Gaiya Farm"

The nearest station is "Honda Station" or "Kamatori Station".

I recommend a taxi as it takes about 40 minutes on foot from the station to the farm.


2019 season fee

※ We may change without notice /p>

Strawberry picking (30 minutes) Adult 4 to 6 years old 2 to 3 years old
Jan 5-Mar 10 2000yen 1600yen 600yen
Mar 11-Apr 21 1800yen 1300yen 600yen
Apr 22-May 6 1500yen 1000yen 600yen
May 7-End 1000yen 700yen 400yen


Strawberry Takeaway:From January to May

You can pick it yourself and bring it home.

¥180/100g (varies depending on the time)

※ It seems that you can not eat picked strawberries in the farm.


I ate a rare white strawberry called "White Princess".

White strawberry is slightly pink

White Princess

The white strawberry was sweet.


Farm information

Gaiya farm

(Formerly:Yokota Farm)

 1048 Hirayamacho Midori-ku Chiba City


 10:00 (reception 9:30) It is finished as soon as the strawberry runs out

 Closed day:Tuesday / Friday (Because there may be holidays depending on the situation, prior confirmation required)

 50 (free)


Kamatori Station:about 40 minutes on foot (JR Sotobo Line)
Hotada Station:about 37 minutes on foot (JR Sotobo Line)


About 10 minutes from Chiba Togane Road Omiya Exit / Takada Exit

See you at the next picnic!