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Enjoy delicious mushrooms in Japan "Mushroom picking" / Sakura mushroom garden @CHIBA


Japanese Shiitake mushrooms are mushrooms that are so delicious that they are also used in soup stock.

How to enjoy mushrooms grown by professionals. 


This week's theme is "One Day Trip to Chiba".

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in April 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む



About Mushroom picking

You can hunt mushrooms without going to the mountains.

I enjoyed shiitake mushroom hunting at a Japanese mushroom farm.

Shiitake mushroom is a very common mushroom in Japan and is a necessary ingredient to make traditional Japanese cuisine.

It is "Sakura mushroom garden" in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo.


Shiitake mushroom picking was like a bookshelf.

Mushroom substrate is bread size

Shiitake mushroom

In "Sakura Mushroom Garden", you can have a barbecue by cutting shiitake mushrooms with scissors.

Shiitake mushroom picking information

Business hours:8:00~ (we end as soon as big mushroom disappears)
※ No reservation required.
Fee:Admission free
The amount collected was settled at 220 yen per 100g (excluding tax).
Time:year-round, rainy weather OK!
Takeaway:Bring a cooler bag for takeaway.
Barrier-free:Wheelchairs and strollers accessible


You can have a barbecue at Sakura Mushroom Garden.

Even if you do not prepare, you can get the ingredients at the farm and you can borrow barbecue grill.

BBQ fee

(As of April 2019)

For adults, BBQ stove fee 1,200 yen (one unit) + covered tent seat 500 yen / 1 table = 1,700 yen

It becomes ingredients fee with garden fee for 3 hours 600 yen x number of people here.

One tent seat was for 6 people.

If you bring in foods, the garden fee will change.

Detailed charges can be viewed on the Sakura Mushroom Garden website. (Japanese)


Farm information

Sakura mushroom garden

 2395 Ota, Sakura City, Chiba


 Business hours:8:00~16:00

 Closed day:Monday (If Monday is a public holiday, the next day is a holiday)

 Parking:○ (Japanese text)


About 3 minutes from East Kanto Expressway "Sakura Exit"


JR Sakura Station:About 10 minutes by taxi from the south exit (JR Sobu Line)
Keisei Sakura Station:About 15 minutes by taxi from the south exit (Keisei Line)

(Bus)"Dai-ni kogyo-danchi iriguchi" get off / About 5 minutes on foot

JR Sakura Station:About 10 minutes from North Exit Chiba Green Bus Station No. 2
Keisei Sakura Station:About 20 minutes from the South Exit Chiba Green Bus Station No. 3


See you at the next picnic!