Laid Back Picnic - English -

I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

How to enjoy coffee at a picnic!

A dripper is on the mug cup

※Coffee beans are an image. The coffee beans are ground and drip properly.

What is your favorite drink?
Do you have anything to drink every day?
I am definitely coffee! I drink every day.
I had a day trip to Taiwan just to buy coffee beans.
Of course, I enjoy coffee at picnics.


In the internet, we often see people camping and climbing enjoying coffee.
So, I would like to introduce my coffee goods for picnics in town when going out with minimal luggage.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in November 2018.



Coffee items

Kalita coffee dripper 1 cup only

Kalita 1 cup dedicated dripper

I think some people have seen it for the first time.
You can see that the one-drip dripper is very convenient to use once.


Use a coffee maker to brew a lot of coffee at home.
But there are times when just one cup is enough.
It is a dripper that can be used at home or taken for a picnic.


Coffee filter for 1-2 people

Normal size and mini size paper filter

Kalita's single dripper has a dedicated paper filter.
The filter for the image is made by another company, the left is the normal size, the right is the size for 1-2 people.
The paper filter was made good, so it was okay to add plenty of hot water.


A paper filter of common size was placed on the mini dripper

This is a normal size paper filter placed on a small dripper.


Coffee beans

I thought about whether to grind the beans or bring a coffee mill.
At first I brought ground coffee beans.


Other coffee

Drip pack coffee

Disposable is very convenient, but there are two types.


A type that rides on the edge of the cup


I prefer this because coffee drops into the cup drop by drop until the end.
The price is a bit higher than the type of hang on the edge of the cup.


Hang on the edge of the cup

Hang on the edge of the cup

It is unfortunate that the coffee beans are soaked in the drip coffee.
If you use something like a tumbler that has a vertical length, this problem will be solved.


Stick type instant coffee

Starbucks stick type instant coffee

There are many types of stick-type instant drinks, such as hot chocolate and matcha latte, so they are suitable for picnics.
Above all, it ’s compact compared to other coffee items.


What drinks do you have for a picnic?
I have a coffee aroma and want to have a picnic.

See you at the next picnic!