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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

"Knit belly warmer" recommended on cold days


I am not good at cold day, so I am more familiar with anti-cold measures than anyone else!

Wearing clothes on a cold day is no solution.


Why did you think it would be introduced here ...?

Because it can be used for picnics!

※ An English translation of an article published in November 2018 in a Japanese blog.



Is Knit belly warmer an old impression?

This is the reason why I didn't use it easily.

I thought it was far from fashion, made of wool.


However, very thin Knit belly warmer was sold in "unenanacool".

ウンナナクール(unenanacool)公式サイト (Japanese text)


HARAMAKI which can choose favorite length

Knit belly warmer is called HARAMAKI in Japanese.

Wow, it can be cut every 10 cm Knit belly warmer!

And it is made of very warm material.


I bought a 40 cm Knit belly warmer immediately.

Soft, stretchy and gentle on the skin.


High performance apparel clothing

When I walked, I feel more comfortable than when I do not use Knit belly warmer.

Discover one advantage.

It is easy to take off HARAMAKI(Knit belly warmer) when it gets hot.



Convenient usage

If you use a long HARAMAKI(Knit belly warmer) from a position higher than the chest like tube top, the inside of the dress will be warm.

You can spend warm winters by using HARAMAKI(Knit belly warmer) under the skirt.


I use plain HARAMAKI(Knit belly warmer), but there are also many patterns. 


See you at the next picnic!