Laid Back Picnic - English -

I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

Picnic goods that fit into one mini bag!


If you like cute things, if you like colorful things, you will want to bring them to a picnic.

Can you bring some cute things when you go to a picnic by train?

When I put together picnic goods the most compact, I use a mini tote bag.

※ Product size was measured by me.
※ An English translation of an article published in November 2018 in a Japanese blog.



About Tableware

You don't need a plate if you bring coffee and a sandwich with you.

All you need is a colorful paper napkin.

To go to a picnic by train in Tokyo, you need to have a compact package.


Lunch pot (M)

2 lunch pots

Very convenient size for putting snacks and fruits.

shops100 yen shop "Seria" ※Japanese text

size:about 9.8cm×8cm×5.3cm(108 yen・tax included)


Snack in the pot

It is also good when carrying dried fruits and nuts.


Avocado type plastic container

Avocado type plastic container

I love it!💕

It is a size that can also be used for lunch.

shopsFlying Tiger Copenhagen ※Japanese text

size:about 15.2 cm × 10.5 cm × 5.9 cm(maybe 162 yen / tax included)


I use as a lunch box

It's just the right size for me.


Starbucks Reusable Cup

Red cup for christmas design

It is a cup of 2017 design.

The cup is light and break-proof, and with a lid.

size:about 8 cm × 8 cm × 11.8 cm (price unknown)


Wooden plate

Wooden plate

Light plate are blown away by the wind, so they need weight.

shop3COINS(300 yen shop) ※Japanese text

size:about 20 cm × 12.1 cm × 1 cm (324 yen · tax included)


Not necessary but convenient

Paper napkin

Many colorful paper napkins

It can be used as a sleeve for a hot cup, or as a plate for a sandwich.

I use is a paper napkin sold for 100 to 200 yen at a 100 yen shop, IKEA, Flying Tiger, etc.

When you take a picture, the food looks delicious if you have a colorful paper napkin.


Wooden tray

Wooden tray

Picnic needs a place to put a drink.

The tray is more convenient than the table.

shopsilk (Watts 100 yen shop) ※Japanese text

size:about 23.1 cm × 15 cm × 2.1 cm (108 yen · tax included)


In the mini tote bag

A wooden tray, a wooden plate, two lunch pots(M), a reusable cup and a thin picnic sheet are also in the mini tote bag.

※ Avocado Tappa does not enter

If you have lunch, you can enjoy it with one small tote bag.


See you at the next picnic!