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【Sakura 2019】A popular tourist spot / Meguro River @NAKAMEGURO


I share one of Tokyo's famous cherry blossom spots, "Whether cherry blossoms in Meguro River are blooming".

Actually, I went to Meguro River for the first time in the cherry blossom season.

This week I will share about "2019 cherry-blossom viewing party"!

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in March 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む



About cherry blossoms in Meguro River

Meguro River is a famous cherry blossom spot in Tokyo.

However, since it is a riverside, if you want to sit and enjoy it, you just enter the store.

Another way is to go to sugekari park.

This time I will go upstream from Nakameguro Station and enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Sugekari Park.


Place of Departure Nakameguro Station

Walk northwest from the station.


I understood the reason for popularity.

Anyway, there are many shooting spots for cherry blossoms!

There are many bridges in the Meguro River, so you can only shoot cherry blossoms.


Looking up at cherry blossom

Taken on March 27, 2019

cherry blossom bloomed★★★★☆

congestion rates★★★★☆

Perhaps it was the best cherry blossom viewing this year!

It seems to be flowering about 60%

It seems to be flowering about 60%

Flowering is progressing about 60%.

I thought it was too early to see cherry blossoms, so I was surprised at many people I had.

The sidewalk is filled with people

Street in front of Nakameguro Station

It is quite crowded because there are many tourists.

It’s the best time to look at the cherry blossoms

along the Meguro River

There were already many people around noon when I went.


Food & drink

The area along Meguro River, about 1 km from Nakameguro Station to Sugekari Park, has many shops.

"The ALLEY" is on the side street, it was a shorter queue than I expected.

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I bought "Mini Mini Barger" sold only on March 27th at the stall.

This is a cute hamburger!

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And on the way back to the station, I found a cute cafe called "L'Hirondelle".


Sugekari Park

12 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station.

The large cherry trees at the entrance of the park were of early blooming, and the flowers seems to end.


The park cherry blossoms were in full bloom, but entry was prohibited to protect the lawn under the trees.

So there is a rope & notice sign, but it was sad to see tourists getting over.

There are few trees but you can enjoy cherry blossoms

some cherry trees in the park

Because there are many children, this park cannot drink alcohol.

Park information

Sugari Park(JP:Sugari koen)

Opening hours:6:00~21:00

Trash can:×

You can download cherry map here↓↓


Other Sakura

Other cherry blossoms


See you at the next picnic!