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Christmas lights enjoyed in Tokyo

Park lights

Do you enjoy autumn leaves?
I examined the places where the night illumination of the parks and gardens in Tokyo can be enjoyed now.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in November 2018.



Christmas lights in Tokyo

Otaguro Park

Enjoy free and relatively late time.

Christmas lights information

 Otaguro Park ※For details, see the PDF information in the November 4 archive.

(As of November 2018)

November 23 (Fri) - December 2 (Sun) Free admission

Weekdays:Sunset - 20:00 (Last admission 19:45)

Sat, Sun, and holidays:Sunset - 21:00 (Last admission 20:45)


Showa Kinen Park

Today was the last day of the Christmas lights.
It was a secret place where the Christmas lights were held for the first time this year.

Christmas lights information (English, 簡体中文, 한국어)


November 23 (Fri) - 25th (Sun) 17:00-20:00

※After 16:30, only the Canal area and Tachikawaguchi parking lot will be open.

Place Ginkgo row of trees (Please enter from Tachikawaguchi Gate.)

Cited from Showa Kinen Park


Higo-hosokawa Garden

It is a popular place, especially crowded around 17:30 - 18:30.
I recommend going on weekdays.

Christmas lights information

 Higo-hosokawa Garden

Date:November 23 (Fri) to December 2 (Sun)
Time:17: 30 - 21:00 (Last entry is 20:30)
Reservation:Not required
Entrance fee:300 yen (free for preschoolers)

Cited from Higo-hosokawa Garden


Mejiro Garden

The use of tripods is normally prohibited in parks.
However, there is an event called Photographer Service Day, November 26th(Mon), and it seems that you can use the sekicho-an's veranda as a tripod space for a fee.

Christmas lights information

Period:November 23, 2018 (Fri) to December 2, 2018 (Sun)
Time:17:30-21:00 (Last admission 20:30)
The park will close once at 17:00 and will be entered as soon as it is ready.
Entrance fee:200 yen (free for preschoolers)

Cited from Mejiro Garden



It was a Japanese garden that I had visited before, but there were a lot of people.

Christmas lights information

Period:November 17 (Sat) - December 9 (Sun), 2018 
  From 9:00 to 21:00 (last admission is 20:30)
  ※During the period, we will open the Somei Gate, a 2-minute walk from Komagome Station.
  ※After 16:30, there are areas where access is restricted to ensure safety.

 (1) illumination 
    Time:Sunset - 21:00

Cited from Rikugi-en


In addition, if there is illumination information of autumn leaves that is still in time this year, we will add it.

Have a picnic at night!