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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

Melon-pan picnic in Hiroo @Arisugawa Park


I had a picnic with the theme of melon-pan.

If you go around the bakery + cafe from Hiroo Station, there is a park near the station.

A city for picnics.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
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Bakery route map

I visited six bakeries on this day.

However, there were only two bakeries selling melon-pan.

It may be because the time I visited is late.

The map shows the order in which I visited the bakery.


The start is Hiroo Station. I aimed at the north. (The name of the shop where the melon-pan was found is red.)

  • (A) Hiroo Station Exit No.3
  • (B) 3206 Hiroo (Bakery Cafe & Restaurant Bar)
  • (C) ecru Hiroo (melon-pan / ecru @Hiroo)
  • (D) Panetteria Kawamura (melon-pan in a small bakery / Panetteria Kawamura @ Nishi Azabu)
  • (E) Kiriy's Fresh
  • (F) Bakery & cafe Sawamura Hiroo Plaza
  • (I) Arisugawa Park (Arisugawa-no-miya memorial Park)


Melon-pan enjoyed at picnic

Melon-pan that looks cracked.

my blog:Cracked melon-pan / ecru @hiroo 

Melon-pan that looks cracked



Melon-pan was found in a small bakery that can be walked from Roppongi Station.

my blog:Fluffy melon-pan / Panetteria Kawamura @hiroo

Big pattern of melon-pan

Panetteria Kawamura:Melon-pan


Cafe "CANVAS TOKYO" with 3 shops.

my blog:Coffee bar CANVAS TOKYO @hiroo

Blueberry jam soda and donuts

CANVAS TOKYO:Blueberry jam soda and donuts


On "Melon-pan maps", there is a shop of Melon-pan I ate.

Melon-pan maps banner


Park information

Arisugawa-no-miya memorial park

 Minami Azabu 5 chome 7- 29, Minato-ku, Tokyo



Trash can×

Rest room:〇


Hiroo station:6 minutes on foot from Exit No.1 (Tokyo Metro:Hibiya Line)


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See you at the next picnic!