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【Hydrangea 2019】Hydrangea of ​​Ueno Park @UENO


Do you know that rainy day hydrangea is beautiful?

In Japan, the rainy season is from May to July.

During this season, hydrangea blooms all over the city.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む



About Ueno park

Ueno Park is well-accessed in Tokyo and is a famous spot for cherry blossoms.

However, you can enjoy the hydrangea in June.

Japan's June is rainy season, but it may not rain if you are lucky. 


Introduce the photos in order of map number. 


Flowering situation of hydrangea

Hydrangea bloomed:★☆☆☆☆

Congestion rates:★☆☆☆☆

(Photographed on June 4, 2019)


(1) Near the Shinobazu pond terrace

Location of photos introduced at the top of this article.

There is an entrance to the "Shinobaz-dori street" nearby.


(2) In front of the Shinobazu pond

There are still few flowers.

Few flowers are in bloom

Around boat pond

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(3) A terrace with a view of Shinobazu Pond

 The pond is opposite to this terrace.

A terrace with a bench in front of the Shinobazu Pond



(4) In the park near Shinobazu pond intersection

I found a place where the hydrangea was in bloom.

This area was the most blooming

In the park near Shinobazu pond intersection


(5) Near Shimizu Kannon-do temple

It is a beautiful hydrangea!

There are many hydrangeas in the big street in the park

Near Shimizu Kannon-do Temple


(6) In front of Shimizu Kannon-do temple

The hydrangea in front of Shimizu Kannon-do Temple was cute.

Hydrangea has begun to bloom

Kiyomizu kannon-do temple

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(7) Downstairs near Shimizu Kannon-do Temple

 It seems that hydrangea will bloom from now on.

There is no flower of hydrangea yet

Staircase near Shimizu Kannon Temple

Did hydrangea bloom in your area?

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Park information

Ueno park(JP:Ueno kōen)

 2-1 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Trash can:〇

Rest room:〇

 Ueno Park Official Website

 Train (Guide to the boat platform)

Ueno Station:12 minutes on foot from Shinobazu-guchi
Exit (JR:Yamanote Line, Utsunomiya Line, Takasaki Line, Keihin Tohoku Line / Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line, Hibiya Line and others)

Keisei Ueno Station:11 minutes on foot from Ikenohashi 
Exit (Keisei Main Line, Keisei Skyliner)

 Ueno Zoo ( Front gate):17 minutes on foot


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See you at the next picnic!