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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

5 Reasons Yoyogi Park is Suitable for Picnics! / Yoyogi Park @HARAJUKU


I had a picnic in Yoyogi Park under cloudy sky.

Yoyogi Park is a picnic park that is very suitable for many people or even one person.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in July 2019.
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Enjoy a picnic in Yoyogi Park!

A convenient location in downtown Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is a place where I have been enjoying picnics many times.

I will share important point and shops.


1) About mosquito

People with no experience of traveling abroad in 2014 have been infected with mosquitoes in Tokyo and the outbreak of patients with dengue fever. 

Surveys of mosquitoes have been conducted since 2001, but are now being conducted in 25 parks.


Large parks are being surveyed with emphasis, including Yoyogi Park
Overview≫Tokyo Health and Safety Research Center» Overview of Key Surveillance 

The latest information applies to the survey period from July 1st to 5th, 2019. 

Results≫Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Safety Research Center» Results of Key Surveillance 


2) Good location and access

It is "Yoyogi Park" that has a wide area from "Harajuku" to "Yoyogi" on Yamanote Line.

There is also "Meiji Jingu" in the same place, and I could see it from the observation platform of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

There are many stations around Yoyogi Park.

Odakyu Line:Minami-Shinjuku Station, Sannomiyabashi Station, Yoyogi Hachiman Station

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line:Yoyogikoen Station, Harajuku Station ※Harajuku Station can also use the Fukutoshin Line.

Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line:Kitasando Station

JR Yamanote Line:Harajuku Station, Yoyogi Station


There are also Shibuya Station, Omotesando Station and Hatsudai Station within walking distance.


3) Park facilities and charges

Usage fee is free (some pay facilities are available)

Opening hours:24 hours

Parking lot:65 units (ordinary car:400 yen per hour / 200 yen every 30 minutes)

Facilities:Athletics field, football · hockey field, basketball court, outdoor stage, cycling center, cycling area for children, dog run, bird sanctuary 


4) Good atmosphere in the park

There is an area where flowers such as roses are blooming, and there is a dog space, making it a bright atmosphere.

Near the fountain near Harajuku station, there are a lot of people practicing instruments.

If you like quiet places, you can relax on the west side of the park.


5) Food and drinks are found around the park

The nearest station is Harajuku, but there are also Omotesando Station and Shibuya Station within walking distance.

There are also many shops and cafes where you can take away near the park, so please check it out!


お題「ひとりの時間の過ごし方」 How to spend time alone:picnic 

See you at the next picnic!