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【Autumn leaves】Autumn colors of the night / Rikugien @KOMAGOME

Beautiful teahouse lights

Everyone, This is the best night picnic!
This season should be cold every year, but it ’s really warm this year.
The other day I wrote an article about illuminated gardens and parks. And I went to Rikugien, which was introduced in this article.
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※This article is an English translation of an article posted in December 2018.



Today's autumn leaves

  • About 80% autumn leaves
  • Currently seen colors:Red、Yellow、Green


Rikugien Garden has a large pond, so you can enjoy illuminated trees reflected on the water from various places.
During the illumination period, the Someimon(Gate) is a 2-minute walk from Komagome Station.


About congestion

Posting was delayed, but I visited on Friday, November 30, 2018.
I arrived at Rikugien around 16:00 and waited for sunset while drinking amazake.
Around 16:45, there are many people around the pond, and the guards are calling to move forward without stopping.


Since it is a garden near the station, congestion is inevitable.


Do you have a shop?

There are several shops.
The teahouse in the garden can be enjoyed even after the normal closing time of 17:00.
However, business hours vary depending on the shop.

 [Rikugien] "Light-up of autumn leaves and the daimyo garden" held decision!


The highlight of the garden

Famous for the light up of Rikugien Garden, "Blue River" is in the direction of Someimon (Komagome Station).



There are also waterfalls decorated with illuminations in the garden.


Garden information


 6-3-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


 9:00 - 17:00(Admission until 16:30 pm)

 Regular holiday:New Year's holiday
(From December 29 to January 1 of the following year)

 Entrance fee※Check the website for details

  • Adult:200 yen
  • University students (including specialized and various technical schools):160 yen
  • Middle and high school students, 65 years old and over:100 yen (Language:English, 簡体中文(中国語簡体字), 繁體中文, 한국어, Français,  español)


Komagome Station:7 minutes on foot from South Exit (JR:Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro:Line)

Sengoku Station:10-minutes on foot from Exit A4 (Toei Subway:Mita Line)


See you at the next picnic!