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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

【7-Eleven】Convenience store sweets picnic

Two types of sweets on the tray

I love convenience store snacks!
I enjoyed teatime with the convenience store sweets that I can carry around.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in November 2018.



Why convenience stores are good for picnics

  • It is made on the assumption that the package is carried around
  • Easy to eat
  • When you want to eat it, you can buy it right away

These three are my favorite points!
The convenience stores that I often go to are 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Ministop.
This time, I was interested in 7-11 sweets.


The accessories used for shooting were introduced in previous articles.


Mini kamakura with strawberry sauce

KAMAKURA means Japanese igloo.

    • 275 yen (297 yen, including tax)
    • Sales area:nationwide
    • ※Depending on the store, it may not be handled.

    Kamakura is a classic 7-Eleven Christmas cake. Sponge with white whipped cream on top of Bavaroa, finished with a sauce containing strawberry pulp and special egg “Eggroyal®”.

    Cited from 7-Eleven - Welcome to Japan!

Oh! I like this.💕
It's a refreshing cream that is modestly sweet overall.
Bavaroa like a pudding is delicious!


Seven cafe latte jelly

Dessert was made with the drink “Seven Cafe Latte” sold at 7-Eleven.

      • 215 yen (232 yen, including tax)
      • Sales area:National (excluding Niigata and Toyama)
      • ※Depending on the store, it may not be handled.
      A jelly inspired by Seven Caffe latte. Like Seven Cafe Latte, milk was added to coffee extracted from the beans of Seven Cafe, and Latte jelly and Latte mousse were added together with whipped.

      Cited from 7-Eleven - Welcome to Japan!

I thought the design matched with Seven's latte was cute.
The most delicious latte is the latte mousse at the top!


Shop information


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About food photography

Anyone can see food photos on Instagram.

There is one request.
Please show me the contents of the products!
Many people take photos of the package, but I want to see the contents.


See you at the next picnic!