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"Setouchi lemon anpan"' at an anpan specialty shops / Andesu Matoba @ASAKUSA


Do you know the popular bread "Anpan" made in Japan?

There is an Anpan specialty shop in Asakusa that makes many kinds of Anpan.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
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Andesu Matoba

Do you know "Anpan", one of the great inventions in Japan?


It's a sweet bean paste bun. (An = Anko, pan = bun)

However, there are various Anko in Japan.

For example, sweet red bean paste, sweet pumpkin paste, sweet chestnut paste, etc.

"Andesu Matoba" is an Anpan specialty shop that sells many Anpan.


It is a shop I learned in my favorite blog "Weekly Anko".

His name is Yusuke Sato, Chief Editor.(id:yskanuma)

This is a Japanese blog, but please check it out because there are many photos.

Andesu Matoba's article in "Weekly Anko"


Andesu Matoba's official website has lots of breads with photos.

It is an anpan bakery run by a specialty shop that makes anko.


Setouchi lemon anpan

Seasonal limited Anpan vivid yellow "Setouchi lemon anpan".

Bread details

Price:160 yen

Fluffy texture:★★★☆☆


Size:4.9in in diameter


Setouchi lemon anpan is elongated and sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Yellow anpan

Setouchi lemon anpan

Do you want to know the filling of Setouchi lemon anpan?

White bean paste in bread

Setouchi lemon anpan cross section

 It is white bean paste. This is called "Shiro-an" in Japanese.

(Shiro is the meaning of White.)

Lemon peel is also used in this Anko, and it is good aroma.



Then I ate the most common anpan.

Bread details

Price:160 yen

Fluffy texture:★★★★☆


Size:3.5in in diameter


It is round and shiny.

There is a dent in the center of the bread.

Round shaped anpan


 Why is there a dent ...?

Bread with lots of anko

Koshi-anpan cross section

That's because they put in salt pickled cherry blossoms.

It is an item necessary to eat delicious Anko.


Shop information

Andesu Matoba

(As of June 2019)

 Asakusa 3-3-2, Taito-ku, Tokyo



 Closed on Sundays and public holidays


Asakusa Station:7 minutes on foot from Exit 6 (Tokyo Metro:Ginza Line / Asakusa Line / Eastern Skyline)
Asakusa Station
:6 minutes on foot from Exit A (Tsukuba Express)

 Sensoji Temple main hall:3 minutes on foot


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