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Melon-pan that looks like a crack / ecru @HIROO


Wow! It is a melon-pan that looks as if it were cracked.

I share the melon-pan of "ecru" in hiroo that I ate at the beginning of the "Journey for Melon-pan".

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
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Bakery "ecru"

Located on the first floor(grand floor) of the "APA Hotel Nishi-Azabu", which is about a 5-minute walk from "Hiroo Station", there is a bakery outside the hotel for take-away.

Breakfast is usually 1,836 yen (tax-included), but if guest requests before check-in, it is 1,500 yen (tax-included).

My Melon-pan level:1


About Melon-pan

This melon-pan looks like a crack of lava. 

Melon-pan like lava fissure


 Cookie dough with a soft texture than it looks.

There are different colors of dough in the bread

Cross section of melon-pan

Bread in the bread?

Yellow bread dough is more fluffy than white bread dough.

Melon-pan information

Price:250円(+ tax)

Crunchy texture:★★★☆☆

Fluffy texture:★★★★☆


Size:About 8 cm in diameter (Abou 3 in)


On "Melon-pan maps", there is a shop of Melon-pan I ate.



Shop information


(As of May 2019)

 4-5-1st floor(ground floor), Nishi Azabu 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo



  • Breakfast 7:00~10:00 (final entry 9:30)
  • Lunch 12: 00~17: 00
  • Bread sales 11: 00~20: 00

 Closed every Monday

 Bakery "ecru" | [official] APA hotel | 


Hiroo Station:6 minutes on foot from Exit No.4 (Tokyo Metro:Hibiya Line)

Roppongi Station:12 minutes on foot from Exit 1C (Tokyo Metro: Hibiya Line / Toei Subway:Oedo Line)


お題「マイブーム」 I'm crazy about Melon-pan

See you at the next picnic!