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A stylish Asakusa cafe / Feb's coffee & scone @ASAKUSA


If you want to drink a crisp scone and delicious coffee, go to Asakusa.

It's a small cafe but it has a calm atmosphere.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in July 2019.
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Small cafe 『Feb's coffee & scone』

It is a sisters shop of " FEBRUARY CAFE (@february_cafe)" and " FEBRUARY KITCHEN" in the same Asakusa. (

The cafe also offers free Wi-Fi and a power outlet.


I went to a cafe to eat my favorite pudding(caramel custard).

The pudding(caramel custard) was sold out when we arrived at the cafe around 14:40 on Friday.

However, I heard that "this cafe" has good scones, so I will try it.

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Scorn set

The "scorn set" I ordered can choose 2 scones and a drink.


Scorn set 950 yen(tax included)

The scones I chose are plain and lemon poppy seeds.

Because it was a hot day, so I drank it an iced latte.

Molasses and clotted cream come with scones

Scone set

The scones come with clotted cream and molasses.


Plain scone is round, lemon poppy seed scone is triangular

Plain scone & lemon copy seed scone

It is recommended to dunk the plain scones into molasses.

And it is delicious if you on plenty of clotted cream there.

Five-grade evaluation


Scones go well with coffee:★★★★☆

My preference:★★★★★


Cafe exterior

As it is at the corner of a large intersection, you can easily find the cafe "Feb's coffee & scone".

There was also a "Cat Cafe" in the same building.

A cafe at the corner of the intersection

Feb's coffee & scone

Behind the red flag is a counter selling takeaway drinks.

I also enjoy walking around the city while drinking coffee.


Shop information

Feb's coffee & scone

(As of June 2019)

 Asakusa 3-chome 1-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo



 Every Tue Wed close in July.
Every Tue close from August.

Free Wi-Fi:〇

 Power outlet:〇


Asakusa Station:6 minutes walk from Exit No.6 (Tokyo Metro:Ginza Line / Asakusa Line / Eastern Sky Tree Line)
Asakusa Station
:8 minutes on foot from Exit A (Tsukuba Express)

 Sensoji Temple main hall:4 minutes on foot


お題「今日のおやつ」 Today's sweets:scone / お題「コーヒー」 coffee

See you at the next picnic!