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Norwegian cafe "FUGLEN CAFE" in Asakusa @ASAKUSA

A white building in a corner lot is a  FUGLEN CAFE

There is a cafe in Asakusa where you can enjoy gentle Norwegian coffee.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
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Cafe "FUGLEN" which came from Norway in 2012.

The second cafe opened in Asakusa in 2018.

The details of the cafe introduced in the previous article " Picnic around Asakusa @asakusa".



Enjoy "Cold Brewed Coffee"

Tokyo of this day was June, but it was hot like summer.

Iced coffee would hit the spot for a hot day like today.


Cold Brewed Coffee 600 yen(tax included)

Taking photo of coffee outside the cafe

Cold Brewed Coffee

I love it! It was very refreshing and easy to drink.

Cold Brewed Coffee





The cafe is open from early morning to late at night, so it is a cafe you should visit if staying in Asakusa.


Shop information


(As of June 2019)

 Asakusa 2-chome 6-15, Taito-ku, Tokyo


 Open daily at 7:00

Closing time

Sun, Mon, Tue 22:00

Wed・Thu 1:00

Fri・Sat 2:00

 Open all year round


Asakusa Station:8 minutes on foot from Exit No.6 (Tokyo Metro:Ginza Line, Asakusa Line / Tobu Sky Tree Line)
Asakusa Station
:2 minutes on foot from Exit A1 (Tsukuba Express)

※ Asakusa Station has two different stations!

 Sensoji Temple main hall:3 minutes on foot


お題「コーヒー」 coffee:cold brew

See you at the next picnic!