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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

A cafe where you can enjoy christmas light / GREEN BROTHERS @OTEMACHI


Winter cold has returned to Tokyo.
There is a my secret place about "A place to enjoy Christmas lights".
※This article is an English translation of an article posted in December 2018.




Would you like to enjoy Christmas lights before moving out of Tokyo?
I know good places. That's Otemachi-Naka-Dori Street.
Several eating places are in front of the street and you can enjoy Christmas lights in warm places.
One of them is the shop( GREEN BTOTHERS) I went.
About 15 minutes on foot from Tokyo station, AC outlet and free Wi-Fi are available.

counter seat

counter seat

The view from the counter seat is beautiful, right?


This is a cafe where you can enjoy salads, and there is no cake.
There were some baked goods in small bags.

Look at the paper napkin in the cafe

Look at the paper napkin in the cafe

The paper napkin has a text that asks you to take a photo and post it on SNS.
"GREEN BROTHERS OTEMACHI" has a AC outlet and free Wi-Fi, so it is convenient for those who use Shinkansen and long-distance buses from Tokyo Station and have time to leave.


Shop information 


(As of September 2019)

 Otemachi Financial City North Tower1F, 1-9-5,Otemachi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo

 Mon-Sat 11:00 - 22:00 (last call 21:30)

 Sunday and holidays

 AC outlet :〇

Free Wi-Fi:〇

 GREEN BROTHERS (日本語, English)


Tokyo Station:12 minute walk from Marunouchi North Exit (JR:Yamanote Line, Chuo Line, Yokosuka Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, etc. / Tokyo Metro: Marunouchi Line)

Otemachi Station:3-minute walk from Exit C1 (Tokyo Metro:Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, Marunouchi Line, Tozai Line / Toei Mita Line / Odakyu Romance Car)


See you at the next picnic!