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Kawaii! Pearl Drink Shop / Hakusan crepe @HAKUSAN


I found a cute shop near Hakusan Station!

There was a pearl drink in a cute shop near Hakusan Station! 

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in June 2019.
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Hakusan crepe

It is a very small shop near Hakusan Station.

They sell crepe and pearl drinks.

After about 30 minutes walk from here, you will arrive at Ueno Park.



Pearl milk tea

All pearl drinks cost 400 yen and can increase the amount of black pearl for +100 yen.

Five-grade evaluation

Taste of tea:★★☆☆☆

Black pearl value:★☆☆☆☆


Good value:★★★★☆


The cup is soft and not suitable for long use.

Tapioca balls is less

Iced pearl milk tea

Normal pearl milk tea had less black pearl.

The texture of tapioka is delicious!

About the shop

The bright part of the photo is the "Hakuyama crepe".

It's a small shops

Shop appearance

There are many pearl drinks on the menu, such as milk tea, juice and soda.

There are many types of pearl tea

Pearl drink menu

If you go to Hakusan Crepe, be careful not to go too far.

And enjoy the atmosphere of the city.


Shop information

Hakusan crepe

(As of June 2019)

 1-9-27 Mukogaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo



 Irregular holiday

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※ Website of "Hakusan-uemukogaoka shopping street"


Honkomagome Station:2 minutes on foot from Exit No.1 (Tokyo Metro:Namboku Line)

Hakusan Station:3 minutes on foot from Exit A2 (Toei Subway:Mita Line)


お題「今日のおやつ」Today's sweets:pearl milk tea

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