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【Spring special】IKEA's Sakura Food @JAPAN


At IKEA in Japan, you can enjoy SAKURA food only in the spring.

This week I am sharing about "Hanami food and drinks".

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in March 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む




IKEA is also popular in Japan!

There are currently nine IKEA stores in Japan. (As of October 2019)

You can enjoy seasonal textiles, paper napkins and food.

And now, I introduce the fun of spring.


SAKURA Food "Pink dessert plate"

You can enjoy 3 types of desserts on "Pink dessert plate". 

Strawberry Mont Blanc, cherry jelly roll cake, raspberry macaroons

Pink dessert plate

Cherry blossom-shaped jelly in the middle of the roll cake.

Strawberry puree was inside the Mont Blanc.

This is 499 yen!


Raspberry macaroon


Raspberry macaroon
Cross section

Raspberry macaroon

In Japan, macarons are Luxury sweets, so I am happy to eat at this price!


Amao Strawberry Mont Blanc


Amao Strawberry Mont Blanc cross section

Amao Strawberry Mont Blanc

"Amao" is a large strawberry with a high sugar content, which is very famous in Japan.

Strawberry Mont Blanc had a fragrant strawberry sauce.


Snack area "Bistro"

You can enjoy cheap food here.

Sakura Dog 250 yen


No Sakura taste from pink bread like Sakura.

Pink bread hot dog

Sakura Dog

The hot dog bread that is usually sold for 80 yen seems to have just turned pink.

But pink hot dogs are just the right size for a picnic.


Shop Information


Business hours
 Open all year round (except January 1)
 Mon-Fri: 10:00~21:00
 Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 9:00~21:00


Can you check this out?


お題「今日のおやつ」 Today's sweets:Sakura sweets

See you at the next picnic!