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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

【Cherry Sweets】I want to go on a picnic with "Sakura Pie" @All over Japan

さくらパイのパッケージ Sakura Pie

This week's "KALDI's Cherry Sweets" is also the last.

The plan is to share five Kaldi sweets that can be purchased online and at stores in the station Naka, and finally announce the ranking.

Sweets that I have ever shared.

  2. Biscuit Sand Sakura
  3. Sakura Donuts
  4. Sakura Marshmallow

And I will share "Sakura Pie" today!

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in March 2019.
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About Sakura Pie

In the pie dough, there is a white bean kneaded with chopped cherry leaves.

Limited quantity sweets released from “Moheji Co., Ltd.”, which is popular in KALDI.


Sakura Pie

Sakura Pie

I smell a good buttery from pie.

Do you know white bean paste(shiro-an)?

It is made from white beans, so the pink color of the white bean paste looks beautiful.

cross section of sakura pie

cross section of sakura pie

The introduction of cherry blossoms and cherry leaves sweets sold today in Kaldi is the last day.

Five-grade evaluation



Sakura's flavor:★★★☆☆

It is a ranking announcement of cherry blossom and cherry leaves sweets at the weekend.


Confectionery Information

Sakura Pie

Product Name:Momoji Sakura Pie

Price:321 yen (tax included)

Calories:63 kcal (per 16.5 g each)

Distributor:Morning Co., Ltd. (English)


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お題「今日のおやつ」Today's sweets:Sakura Pie

See you at the next picnic!