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【Cherry Sweets】sweets ranking:cherry blossom and cherry leaves @KALDI

Lots of cherry sweets

Thank you for reading this week's "KALDI Cherry Sweets" articles.

Finally, I will announce the cherry sweets ranking that I decided on my own, along with recommended drinks!
※This article is an English translation of an article posted in March 2019.
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Sakura Sweets Ranking

This ranking is not just the deliciousness of sweets.

  • Sakura's flavor
  • Compatibility of sweets and cherry blossoms
  • price

It is my decision to choose from the balance of these 3 points.

And I made a Calorie ranking.



The soft and soft texture reminds me of the pink color of cherry blossoms.

Recommended drink:Tea


2) 『Sakura Pie』

It is a wonderful fusion of Japanese and Western confectionery.

Recommended drink:Coffee


3) 『Biscuit Sand Sakura』

It's a delicious biscuits, but it has a little cherry flavor except for toppings.

Recommended drink:Coffee


4) 『Sakura Marshmallow』

From the marshmallows, cherry leaves scent faintly.

Recommended drink:Espresso


5) 『Sakura Donut』

I can't feel the cherry blossoms.

Recommended drink:Hot milk 

Calorie ranking

Does sweets you choose depending on calories change?

  calorie price
Sakura Donut 247kcal 129yen
Biscuit Sand Sakura 193kcal 183yen
Sakura Marshmallow 126kcal 129yen
SAKURA DACQUOISE 103kcal 120yen
Sakura Pie 63kcal(1 piece) 321yen(About 11 pieces)


お題「今日のおやつ」 Today's sweets

See you at the next picnic!