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Cafe near park in Kichijoji / mash iro @KICHIJOJI

On the table, a yellow coffee cup and two small quiches

When I went to Kichijoji, I had a little time so I took a walk in Inokashira Park.
When I heard that there was a cafe near the park and walked, I went the wrong way ... but I met a nice cafe.
※This article is an English translation of an article posted in January 2019.



About mash iro

Do you know Kichijoji?
You can go by train from Shinjuku.
I found a pretty and delicious cafe just in front of Inokashira Park.


The meaning of “mash iro” is “pure white” in Japanese.
 Click here for pronunciation:mash iro

It was a small cafe with a total of 10 seats. 

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Quiche and mini quiche

The café with a main dish of quiche has a "kimagure quiche plate" with a large quiche with side dishes and salad.

About "Kimagure quiche plate"
  • Today's triangular quiche A or B
  • Soup and salad
  • 2 kinds of side dishes
  • Coffee or tea


But I wanted to eat both types of quiche.
So I ordered for 2 types of mini quiche + coffee.

2 mini quiches and coffee

2 mini quiches and coffee

The quiches of the day were “sweet potato quiche” and “pumpkin quiche”.

It was correct to order both quiches!


There were two types of drip coffee

  • Shiro no kehai, juko-naru kuro (680 yen) HOT / ICE
  • Ethiopian Wind (580 yen) HOT / ICE


Shop information

mash iro

 4 chome 7-6, Inokashira, Mitaka City, Tokyo


 open 12: 00~

 irregular holidays ※Check holidays on Facebook or Instagram

 10 seats

 mash iro (@mash_iro0301) | Twitter


Kichijoji Station:11 minutes on foot from the south ticket gate park exit (JR: Chuo Line, Sobu Line / Keio Inokashira Line)

Inokashira Koen Station:11 minutes on foot (Keio Inokashira Line)


お題「今日のおやつ」 / Today's snack:Quiche

See you at the next picnic!