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Good cost performance best bubble tea was in the donut shop! / Mister Donut @All over Japan


That's it! Did you drink this bubble tea?

Bubble tea released from Japanese donut shop.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in May 2019.
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About Bubble Tea

In Japan, Tapioca was popular in the 1990s, but has recently become popular again.

Tapioca drink specialty stores are increasing all over Japan, but they are also released at the famous Japanese donut shop “Mister Donut”.


All four types, price is 486 yen (including tax).

  • Tapioca Milk Tea Black Titapioca + Milk
  • Tapioca Matcha Milk Matcha Tea Tapioca + Milk
  • Tapioca Mango Orange Mango Tapioca + Orange Juice
  • Tapioca Strawberry Soda Strawberry Tapioca + Soda
Five-grade evaluation


Amount of tapioca:★★★★☆

Chewy of tapioca:★★★★★


Enjoy Tapioca Milk Tea (Bubble Tea)

I ordered a basic tapioca milk tea.

Transparent cup and lid

Transparent cup and lid

A common cold drink cup is used.

And Tapioca is ... 

Tapioca is plenty


You can not select the amount of tapioca with Mister Donut.

That is plenty of tapioca.

However, if it is a Tapioca specialty store, you can also increase Tapioca more.

Shop information

Mister Donut (Japanese text)


Other tapioca shops

 It is the price displayed on the shop website as of May 2019.

 You can jump to the shop website by clicking on the shop name.

Shop Price  
Mister Donut
Pearl Milk Tea
450 yen  
Pearl Milk Tea (R)
520 yen  
Gong cha
Black Milk Tea + Pearl (M)
490 yen Pearl 70yen
Pearl Lady
Pearl Milk Tea (L)
330 yen  
chun shui tang
Pearl Milk Tea
500 yen  

The price of tapioca drink of the same size is shown in the table.

However, only Pearl Lady is very cheap, so it is a L size charge.

Is Bubble Tea popular in your country?


お題「マイブーム」:Bubble tea

See you at the next picnic!