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NESCAFE's 5 recommended points! @HARAJUKU

Chicken confit

Let's go to NESCAFE Harajuku!
It is close to Harajuku Station and shares useful points for travelers.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in January 2019.
Read this article in Japanese / 日本語で読む



Good points of NESCAFE Harajuku

  • Good place to meeting point
  • A cafe where you can relax alone
  • You can have a meal
  • Can charge
  • free Wi-Fi

This is a clean café that has been open since 2015 as a Nestle concept shop.
4 minutes on foot from Harajuku Station, it is a good to meeting place.
They have meals besides sweets.
Because it is a quiet cafe, it is suitable for use alone.


A seat near the outlet is also available, so if necessary, tell the store clerk that it needs to be charged.


Orders can be made from the iPad, and for meals, you can increase the amount of rice with a plus fee.
And the free Wi-Fi password was written on this iPad.


Intersting drinks and meals

When I visited, there was an original latte made by printing a photo on a latte! 😲
I was told that you can make an original latte by transferring photos on your smartphone.


The top image on the blog is “Chicken Confi plate (Bread or Rice)”, which I often order when I am hungry.


Chicken confit with drink 1,000 yen (tax included)


1Day Coffee Free Pass

1Day Coffee Free Pass

If you want to use the café for a little longer, order a 1Day Coffee Free Pass for 500 yen (tax included).
All-you-can-drink:blended coffee, iced coffee, hot latte and iced latte.


Shop information

NESCAFE Harajuku

 1-22-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Free Wi-Fi:〇 (Japanese text)


Harajuku Station:4 minutes on foot (JR: Yamanote Line)


See you at the next picnic!