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"NORAYA" Raisin bread / NORAYA @NAGANO


I ate bread in the morning today.


Do you like raisin bread?


I enjoyed the bread I bought at the "2019 Aoyama Bakery Festival" on May 1, 2019, and shared the store information.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in May 2019.
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Natural yeast bread "NORAYA"

"NORAYA" is a bakery of natural yeast bread in Nagano Prefecture.

Basically, it seems to be regular sales, sales at stores and online shops.

Therefore, there are places that sell bread elsewhere.

If you want to go to a bakery in Nagano, you need to contact them in advance.


Raisins bread

This bread was about 13~15 cm(3~6 in) in diameter.

There are several raisins on the surface of the bread

Raisin bread

It has a delicious color. 

Looking at the bread cross section, surprisingly little raisins

Cross section of raisin bread

Oh…? There are less raisins than I thought.

However the texture was fluffy and it was delicious even if it was toasted.

Five-grade evaluation



Bread go well with coffee:★★★★☆

My preference:★★★☆☆


I introduced the "NORAYA" bread I got at Event called "Artisan Bakery", which I enjoyed the other day. 


Shop information


(As of May 2019)

※ Normally, bread is not sold at this place.

If you want to go to the bekery, please contact the bakery in advance.

 1425 Baraguchi, Takato-cho, Inato City, Nagano Prefecture

 0265-94-3618 text)

 Online shop:〇(under maintenance)


 お題「朝ごはん」 Breakfast:Raisin bread

See you at the next picnic!