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DORAYAKI to commemorate the new era! @Seven-Eleven


What did you eat at the beginning of the new era?

Today I will share about special sweets sold at convenience stores.

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in May 2019.
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Japan has started a new era today.

Many food products have been launched to celebrate Japan's new era.

Even if it is a convenience store, there is a food for celebration.

Product information

Sales area:Japan nationwide
Sales period:April 25 (Thu) to May 6 (Mon), 2019
DORAYAKI 599 yen (tax included 8%)


Two chestnuts are sandwiched DORAYAKI

Mori-mori kuri cream DORA

The Japanese product name is "Mori-mori kuri cream DORA".

And the meaning is "chestnut DORAYAKI of extra creams."


The two layers of cream are "milk cream" on the bottom and "marron cream" on the top.

DORAYAKI with plenty of cream

Cross section of DORAYAKI

It is a cream with a very refreshing sweetness. 

Five-grade evaluation

Sweets to match with coffee:★★★☆☆
My preference:★★★☆☆ 


Shop information


Sold in Japan at Seven Eleven.


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お題「今日のおやつ」:盛り盛り栗くりぃむどら / Today's sweets:DORAYAKI

See you at the next picnic!