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I enjoy picnics around Tokyo

Hamburger too big! / Teddy's Bigger Burgers @HARAJUKU

Big burger with plenty of meat

Hey, did you hear about the big burger?

"Teddy's bigger burger" from Hawaii has a hamburger that can fully enjoy meat.

There are shops where you can buy hamburgers within walking distance of "Yoyogi Park".

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in July 2019.
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A hamburger shop born in Hawaii near Yoyogi Park

This year I have a picnic in cool Tokyo on cloudy days despite the rainy season.

Enjoy a late lunch!

However, when we arrived at Yoyogi Park, it was around 16:00. (This is dinner?)


Today's lunch:Hamburgers, iced coffee, egg tarts

Big hamburger presence stands out

Today's lunch

You can put it in the box under the hamburger, you can carry it without crushing it.

Recommended point:hanger is beautiful when taking photos!


It is an introduction about "Teddy's Bigger Burgers".

The closest shops from Yoyogi Park is "Harajuku Omotesando".

Opened in Hawaii in 1998, there are 5 shops in Japan in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Miyazaki prefectures.



Take a hearty bite of hamburger

What I found is "Limited Time Special Beef Burger"!

After seeing the photos of the juicy meat, I decided on this hamburger.

  • Limited Time Special Beef Burger 880yen (tax not included)
  • Topping (Gouda cheese) 100yen (tax not included)

Total 980yen (tax not included)


I don't usually eat cheeseburgers.

Because the chain restaurant cheese is not good.

However, "Teddy's Bigger Burgers" can be selected from only three types of cheese.


This is my hamburger!

Because it is a hamburger with a height, you can see the contents from the side

Special Beef Burger + cheese

From the top, buns → cheese → beef → onion → lettuce → buns.

  • Buns:Bread is fluffy and soft texture
  • Cheese:The taste of the meat is so strong that the taste of the cheese disappears
  • Beef:Thinly sliced​meat is tender
  • Onion:It is cut thick and baked, but the inside is raw and slightly spicy crunchy texture
  • Lettuce:few
  • Source:Sweet and strong taste sauce
Five-grade evaluation

Depth of taste:★★★★☆

Meat firmness:★★☆☆☆

My preference:★★★★☆


Look for a shop and walk up!

"Teddy's Bigger Burgers" is near "BOTANIST cafe ( What is SAKURA Burger? / BOTANIST Cafe @SHIBUYA)" which I shared earlier.

The shop on the second floor up the stairs

"Teddy's Bigger Burger" is on the second floor

Have a good hamburger life!


Shop information

Teddy's Bigger Burgers

(As of July 2019)

 Miyazaki Building 2F, 6-28-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 


 11:00~21:00(21:00 on Sunday)

 Dog-friendly cafe ※May not be available during congestion (Japanese text)


Harajuku Station:6 minutes on foot (JR:Yamanote Line)

Omotesando Station:10 minutes on foot from Exit A1 (Tokyo Metro:Chiyoda Line, Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line / Odakyu Electric Railway:Romance Car)

Shibuya Station:14 minutes on foot from Hachiko Exit (JR: Yamanote Line / Saikyo Line / Tokyo Metro:Fukutoshin Line / Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line)


お題「ひとりの時間の過ごし方」 How to spend time alone:picnic

See you at the next picnic!