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Cannot enjoy special drinks in Tokyo? / TULLY'S COFFEE


Only now can you experience a unicorn-like milk tea!

Do you know Tully's Coffee limited items in the around Tokyo area?

※This article is an English translation of an article posted in May 2019.
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About Special Milk Tea

Special tapioca milk tea that you can drink only in a limited area.

The name of the drink is "Sugar Blooming Tapioca Royal Milk Tea".

This drink is not in Tokyo, but is sold at a limited store in three nearby prefectures.

Product information

Sales period April 5(Fri) - May 19(Sun), 2019
Price 590 yen

Size Tall size and cold drinks only

Target store Ibaraki prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Tochigi prefecture (59 stores)


Sugar Blooming Tapioca Royal Milk Tea

The first thing I noticed was the colorful sugar on toppings.

Whipped cream is pink, sugar is pink & blue & purple

Cute and popular

It seems to image the flower famous in three prefectures of Tokyo suburbs. 

(Nemophila, canola blossoms, and wisteria.)

 A straw flag designed exclusively for the campaign was attached to the straw.

Illustrations of flowers representing 3 prefectures are designed

Straw flag

 The bottom of the glass contains a small tapioca.

Tapioca is a little at the bottom of the glass


There are few shops selling this drink.

However, if you use Narita Airport, you will have Tully's coffee inside the airport.


Shop information

TULLY'S COFFEE limited drinks page)


お題「今日のおやつ」 Today's sweets:Tapioca milk tea

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